Who Am I?

The question above is one that I have been asking myself for a very long time, but I probably know more about myself than you do. So allow me to explain. I’m a writer, radio-presenter, University graduate, aspiring teacher, aspiring author, aspiring Time Lord, aspiring…(you get the idea). This blog is essentially a place for me to exercise (rather than exorcize) my writing muscle. I’ll be posting real-life things that actually happen to me (because sometimes, things do happen to me), segments of fiction, reviews, essays, and generally anything that occurs that I suddenly feel the need to write about. I am also a colossal fan of the television series Doctor Who, so that will creep in occasionally. But I have another Blog for all of my more extreme cases of ‘Geek-Posting’…That can be found right here:  http://morgue-of-intrigue.blogspot.co.uk/

So, I hope you will join me on this new venture. I hope that through this I will get to talk to other aspiring authors, and hone my skills accordingly.  To be an author, one must first read and write. And to be a writer, one must write all the time.

Me by a grave, when England used to have sunshine

Me by a grave, when England used to have sunshine

7 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Loads of writers on here, cousin! You’ll have no trouble meeting a bunch for you write gooder than my sentences. Ha! I am looking forward to your eclectic mix of subjects and jauntiness.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Steven! I’m looking forward to this new venture immensely. And so far, all the people here have been terribly nice. Once again, you have inspired me!

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