“Run for cover…It’s SNOWING!”

Britain was briefly thrown into chaos this afternoon, when it snowed for ten minutes. Factories closed down, supermarkets were emptied of bread and milk, and a small cult of sun-worshippers committed suicide. And then the sky turned blue, the sun shone, the snow melted,  and everybody moved on with their lives (except, no doubt, the cult).

But what is it about snow that divides people so much? (I am specifically speaking about the British population here, as just recently overseas, there have been plenty of reasons to hate snow). As soon as the first flake falls, families gather around the window to watch, in a strange melancholy awe, a blanket of whiteness burying the world. Facebook, meanwhile, erupts into a series wild exclamations of “It’s snowing!”, followed by replies of “No shit”, no doubt accompanied by much eye-rolling.

Snow can, in all fairness, be awfully debilitating, especially in the case of the elderly, who understandably struggle to navigate through the slippery carpet of icy water. So do most young people, too! Snow is also a huge pain for drivers and commuters, brought to a standstill in particularly bad whirlwinds of the stuff.

But then some people quite like it. While an overweight business man is bursting every blood vessel in his head, trapped in the heart of a snowstorm on the M1, elsewhere, a giggling child will be building a snowman on his or her front garden, much to the delight of their proud parents.

Perhaps snow is just better accepted when it is expected. While still finding time to grump about snowfall in December or January, at least the moaners can add, with grudging honesty, “It was to be expected. It’s the right time of year.” But after delay after delay after delay, people start to forget about the snow. And that’s when it strikes, catching them all off guard.

In today’s instant, folk have been anticipating this since November. That was four months ago, and this afternoon, nobody was ready. But by the time the population had been reduced to a frenzied mess, the snow had already cleared up. Most of the United Kingdom has probably pushed today’s little flurry out of their minds, whilst secretly worrying about the next one, simply because they hate the stuff.

But me? I rather like the snow. I enjoy watching those beautifully crafted crystals float from the heavens, painting the landscape and turning even the dullest of scenes into works of natural art.

And I like the chaos snow causes, too.


12 thoughts on ““Run for cover…It’s SNOWING!”

  1. It’s a tricky business this snow, even for those of us from an Antipodean origin, for whom snow is a rarity. On visiting your fine nation back in 2008 we were tricked into thinking we had seen snow for the first time only to be informed that it was in fact “freezing frost”. I think you all made that one up to trick us heat-dwellers. Although we got our revenge. Two days after we left London was blanketed and everything came to a standstill. Freezing frost indeed!

  2. As much as a snow can be a pain a rather do like it sometimes. I live in the states and if you haven’t heard we’ve had several bad snow storms over the last month or so. It’s been crazy! Be safe in that snow!

  3. Snow, I’d poke it with a stick if I could find one in all the snow. I don’t mind it if I am indoors or its a light smattering. I do enjoy the news conning people into doing their job by sending in their own photos. Agreed though some are beautiful.

    • Snow is always more fun if you’re indoors, there’s no doubt about that. I like seeing the pictures if individuals who suddenly feel the need to run around half-naked, as if it’s the cleverest, most ironic thing ever

      • They are strange people or Newcastle United fans it seems. I particularly enjoyed the bit of the comment below…white nemesis says Christina which is a nod to Who of course…or maybe I just read to much into things…

    • Having been to Newcastle, I can fully concur, although some of them are alright. And hmmm, perhaps Christina is subconsciously allowing her Whovianity to seep through…

  4. I did get a genuine laugh out of your uniquely humorous take on snow and all of its varied effects…as it happens over here in NW USofA we were recently barraged with the White Nemesis. I saw the said same Facebook comments and laughed a bit…until I realized…I needed to drive to the store…haha

    • Thank you very much for the kind words! I have heard about the dreadful storms you guys have had, and you put us lot to shame with how well you deal with them. But no matter how much you love snow, once you’re trapped in the car with bad music on the radio, hungry and cold, it sort of loses its’ shine…

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