The sheep in question, staring with silent intent.

It is a fact of life that I have never before been afraid of the common English sheep. Even the film Black Sheep didn’t induce any recurring nightmares involving rabid beasts of the woolly kind. However, when walking to my girlfriend’s house the other day, I did find myself a little unnerved when an entire herd completely stopped what they were doing to stare at me, as I strolled past. They didn’t make a sound. They just watched. Maybe they were plotting something? Maybe they are more intelligent than we first realised? Or perhaps they were just wondering what that skinny idiot was doing gawping at them from over the fence, taking photographs.

We may never know…


9 thoughts on “Sheep

  1. When I saw the title of this post I thought of that infamous American magazine titled “Sheep!” lol! I find the notion of knowing what animals (not just sheep) are thinking…fascinating. I wonder if we would learn lots from them or be appalled by their thoughts!

    • Sheep! Is it a magazine ‘about’ Sheep? I think it would be interesting to know what animals are thinking….but I think we’d be terrified at the same time!

      • I really think it was a magazine about sheep….though neither of us read it. Stephen mentioned it in one of his come back to the UK posts. We took a great photo of him holding it which he used in his post as well haha! I’m thinking I’ll have to agree that there is most likely a very good reason we don’t know what animals think….terrifying indeed!

      • Ahhh of course, I knew I’d heard about it somewhere before! Pure Stephen 😀

        I wonder if how different the world would be if animals could understand US?

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