Untouched by the Tide

The last pebble on the beach,

Untouched by the tide.

Ignored by the gulls,

And half-buried in the sand.

Invisible to all.


No purpose,

Just there.



A small black blip upon a golden sprawl,

Void of feeling.

.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .

The waves of life roll on,

Refusing to sweep you away with them.


“I can’t explain, you would not understand.

This is not how I am,

I have become comfortably numb….” – Pink Floyd


10 thoughts on “Untouched by the Tide

  1. Powerfully poignant…Comfortably numb is a feeling I’m well familiar with ha! I didn’t know you dabbled poetry my good sir…If you do indeed do more than ‘dabble’…then I respectfully ask for more…please?!

    (as an aside if you say and/or type the word ‘dabble’ more than once it does sound…odd. lol)

    • Wow, thank you very much! I had a period of writing poetry, and I actually had an anthology published! The problem I had though was that once a poem is written down, I find them hard to edit, unlike prose. So I’d need to keep the poem in my head for a long time, editing internally, before letting it loose. I’m not as comfortable with poetry as I am with prose. That said, you have inspired me to dig out a poem from my anthology, which I shall re-edit to the best of my ability, and share it here! I was inspired by yours and Stephen’s poetic posts recently with this one.

      As for dabble, I love the word, but it’s very peculiar!

      • Hehe Most definitely a peculiar word! You’ve made me thrice happy….to know that both his and mine could inspire one who is already published….also to look forward to getting to read more of your work! I am anticipatious indeed!!!

        I never did well at conforming to a category of either poetry or prose. I was lovingly called a language anarchist and I shall happily wear said title with pride for I take great delight in just writing the words as they come, without rules.

        I absolutely love the diversity words can bring each person who weaves with them…truly a tapestry of intricacies unfathomable!! Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse into the method(s) behind your creations…you have inspired me in doing so! Awesome does run in your family, no doubt!

      • Thank you a million times. I have noticed with your pieces that you tend to ‘do your own thing’. They have a unique charm, which is what makes them so special. As you say, each individual weaves their own web with words, no two are the same. Everybody has an inner voice, an original voice. Continue being an anarchist! You do it brilliantly 😀

      • You’re more than very welcome!! And I thank you so very very much for your generous praise and encouragement!! I’m not sure I could be anything but an anarchist…even if I tried lol! 🙂

  2. Loneliness captured well.
    Took me back to my awkward teenage years. Eeek!
    Even with having friends & fam – I felt like that pebble…invisible.

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