The Piper’s Lament – A Review

For the last five decades that ‘Doctor Who’ has been entertaining us, it has provided us with a host of memorable companions. Arguably one of the most popular of these has to be highlander Jamie McCrimmon, portrayed brilliantly by Frazer Hines. Jamie was a very loyal companion, and the relationship his character shared with Second […]

I’ll be back…

Hello all! I may not be around much over the following week or so, as I have a very busy time ahead! This coming Sunday, me, my girlfriend, and two very good friends of ours are going to Em-Con – a science fiction convention in Nottingham. We will be meeting some of our biggest heroes, […]

Harold Ramis

Harold Ramis, the fantastic actor, writer, director, and producer of many successful movies, passed away last month. He leaves behind a long legacy of excellent features and productions, and a great deal of happy memories cherished by those who enjoyed his work. Ramis certainly had a tremendous impact on my own childhood, with his writing […]

That Was the Week that Wasn’t (OR, Where on Earth Have I been?)

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been blogging for a while. The Mind of Evermore has been devoid of any thoughts, ramblings, or rants – abandoned in a dusty jar on the shelf, disappearing under a thick layer of cobwebs. But where have you been? I pretend to hear you ask. What […]