Visual Dare 50: Remote

Here is my piece for the latest Visual Dare prompt.

I had been talking to the girl for a good twenty minutes, and she intrigued me. Her features were soft, her voice like sweet music, but I sensed a deeper chaos within.

“Who are you, really?” I suddenly asked, my voice a lot harsher than intended, as my curiosity got the better of me.

She physically flinched, as if I had just struck her, and she cried out, vanishing into the crowd. I had to pursue her, unwrap the enigma that bound her.

I found the girl on the balcony, gazing up at the moon. She was shaking, not from the cold. I cautiously approached, placing a hand on her shoulder. She whirled around, her eyes reflecting the yellow moonlight, and I saw her fractured soul within them.

Help me, her eyes seemed to plead, although she didn’t speak.

I can try, was my silent reply.


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