Nature’s Garden

The sky is a blue shade of heaven, softly coated with floating clouds that drift lazily overhead. Sunlight filters through the branches of stretching trees, as singing birds whirl through them and dance in the air. Peace is king, beauty is queen, and the majesty of nature flourishes under their rule.

Spring is here, more or less, and with it has come an unexpected dose of sunlight (for those living in Scotland or Ireland, Google it). This means that walking has now become an option. To be fair, it never wasn’t an option, but now we can go on a ramble with the added incentive of not getting drenched.

I love walking. I adore it, and I crave it. Strolling through a vast countryside, over a sprawling field, or around a glittering lake, as the music of nature fills the air, is one of life’s true pleasures. There is something infinitely soothing about being alone with the natural world. As an animal lover, I adore spotting squirrels scurrying through the trees, and noting the many various colours of some of the birds that circle the sky. I am also extremely fond of insects, and the buzzing of a bumblebee (when at a fair distance) is strangely pleasing. It’s genuinely like being in another world. Away from the hustle and bustle of shops and cars and texting, a good wander through the countryside is like entering a portal to another dimension, and it works wonders for the soul.

While I am on these walks, I often allow my mind to drift off. Sometimes, I’ll go over ideas for my radio show, or wrestle with plot points and character details for whichever short story I’m toiling over at that particular instant. And sometimes, I think back to the other beautiful places I’ve visited. The ancient villages of Cornwall, the quaint town of Matlock, and that wood me and my old friend got lost in years ago, which resulted in a massive search party hunting for us!

Walking, to me, is rather like reading. A basic pleasure that comes with its own set of complex wonders. You’re entering a whole new world, and your relationship with it will be completely different to anybody else’s. You’re opening yourself up to a new set of ideas and experiences, thoughts and feelings, just like when you open a book. And as the seasons change, these experiences will change too, from the optimism of blue skies and emerald leaves, to melancholy tapestries of gold and brown when Autumn arrives.

Getting closer to nature is good for the soul, and I would recommend a good walk through the countryside to anybody. Let your mind take you someplace else, as you explore nature’s garden. Marvel at the beauty of the butterfly’s wings, and let your heart dance to the tune of the birds. It’s what life is all about.


“For some people, small beautiful events is what life is all about!” – The Doctor

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better…” – Albert Einstein

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” – William Shakespeare



2 thoughts on “Nature’s Garden

  1. Can’t wait for better weather here. Winter & cold is not my cup o’ tea. If I’m to be one with nature – I much prefer warmer weather & sunshine.

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