Visual Dare 51: Carefree

My latest Visual Dare, the theme ‘Carefree’. I have always been attracted to the notion of freedom, of running forever, unbound by the chains of monotony. I hope you enjoy this one.

She stood on the threshold of decision, almost tasting freedom on her tongue. The chains of monotony still clung to her, guarding her jealously, but the shackles were loosening.

One chance was all she had.

Two beady eyes leered at her from behind a pair of musky spectacles, and the question was asked:

“Are you going to come with us?”

Stomach lurching, heart exploding, head dizzying.


One word. One simple word, that kicked open the doors to freedom, and launched her into the land of uncertainty.

And she ran. Ran across emerald fields and through glittering streams, the sun caressing her with its golden touch as the grey world from which she had come vanished into the distance.

She never stopped running.


6 thoughts on “Visual Dare 51: Carefree

  1. Nicely done!

    We’ve got a lot of word in common in this challenge. We both used the sun, freedom, and shackles. How interesting! This prompt certainly took us to similar places.

    I look forward to reading more of your work.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment 🙂 It is interesting to see how minds can follow similar patterns when given particular prompts. Your piece was marvellous! 😀

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