I’ll be back…

Hello all! I may not be around much over the following week or so, as I have a very busy time ahead! This coming Sunday, me, my girlfriend, and two very good friends of ours are going to Em-Con – a science fiction convention in Nottingham. We will be meeting some of our biggest heroes, including Frazer Hines, David Warner, and the Red Dwarf crew, and generally having a silly old time of it! One of our friends will be staying the whole week, so we’ll be busy keeping him entertained. But I promise I will return with plenty of photographs and gossip from our adventures!

And if you would so like to keep in touch during my absence, I’ll be live on air (with our friend) on Tuesday night, www.acaciaradio.com 7-9PM UK Time, playing music and talking about Doctor Who! Tune in, drop us an email, say hello!

Until then, I wish you all a fabulous few weeks, and look forward to making a valiant return to the WordPress World! I have plenty of things up my sleeve…


15 thoughts on “I’ll be back…

  1. I shall be dropping you an amusingly named Stemail as per usual, have a greet time and watch out for viruses on potatoes…yup obscure references are better than none.

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