Visual Dare 52: Ingenious

Got this in just before I vanish for a week! I hope you enjoy it…

The door was locked. It’s mottled countenance seemed to mock Jeremy. He could almost hear it taunting him: Hey, look at me! I’m all battered and damaged, but you still can’t get past me!

The rusty handle glinted maliciously in the low sunlight, and the sound of distant but fast-approaching footsteps caused Jeremy to rethink his plan. Time was running out. A stubborn door stood between him and salvation, and there was no way around it. Of course not, the back door was inaccessible. But over it? He gazed up. Saw the window that had been left open just a fraction.

A fraction was all he needed.

He grabbed onto the drainpipe, and shimmied upwards, grimacing as he tried to support his weight.

The door might have been stubborn, but nobody was more stubborn than Jeremy.

He reached the window, and once inside, pride replaced exhaustion.

Jeremy had won again.


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