Visual Dare 54: Covert

Here is my latest Visual Dare! I missed last week’s, unfortunately, but I hope you enjoy this one!

Feet crunching in the snow, he made his way through the night like a shadow cut loose. Pulling his collar tight over his face, (perhaps because he was cold, perhaps because he couldn’t bear to be seen), he approached the church.


She watched him from behind a tree, noting his sly and cautious mannerisms with interest. Even in the darkness he was distinct, and he glanced around several times before entering the great stone building, that loomed over the whole village with imposing majesty.


She wasn’t afraid though. He would come back out soon, and when he did, she would be ready for him. It was 11:33PM. The night was going to be around for a long time, yet.


She rolled her tongue over needle-like fangs, and waited…


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