Visual Dare 57: Escape

Here is my offering for the latest Visual Dare. I have missed the last few, but I relished jumping back in. And this one is exactly 150 words long!

Fire danced cruelly in his eyes as he watched me, his face twisted into a malevolent smile.


“I can keep you here for as long as I want to,” he said, with a chilling calmness laced with deadly intent, “A day, a lifetime... forever…


I thumped the glass that encased my shrunken form, hearing nothing but a dull thud. I’m not strong enough to break free.


You see,” he went on, leering over the top of the jar – a giant to me, “Your life is an hourglass. Once the grains of sand empty from the top bulb, I turn it over and start again. You’re once more full of life. Do you understand? I keep turning the hourglass over and over, never letting the bulbs empty. You’re mine now. Trapped for eternity. I won’t let you die, and I can promise you…there is no hope of escape..”


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