The Joys of Surprise

Mondays are never a favourite with anybody, really. But today, I have been given a huge lift by discovering that  I won last week’s Blues-Buster Challenge! I entered it purely on a whim, to get the writerly gears grinding again, and it seems to have paid off!

The challenge is purely for fun, and through the use of musical inspiration, it really does get the best out of the writers who enter. I suggest you hop on over there now and read all of the entries. There are some absolute beauties, and any one of them could have won. Maybe you would even like to enter yourself? Go on, give it a whizz!

My entry can be found here, on this very Blog: Night People, and if you would like to read the other splendid stories offered to this challenge, visit this page, right now! The stories are in the comments.

As a writer, it is always tremendously inspiring when somebody likes your work. Winning a challenge is fantastic of course, but even a comment or a thumbs-up can give you that much-needed boost. As regular followers of my Blog will know, I recently posted about my own Writerly Dilemmas. It seems I need to get over them, or at least push them to one side, and get writing!

The moral of the story is, just go for it. Whether you believe in yourself or not, give it a go. When it comes to writing, there are no losers, just procrastinators!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and may my writerly friends have an inspiring day!



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