Horror Bites: #4 Inside…

Here is my addition to Horror Bites Challenge 4. I hope it scares you…


She didn’t see them as trees. They were more like jagged splinters of wood piercing the earth like needles through skin. Despite the blue sky and the beaming sun, this place wasn’t beautiful. It was wrong.

Hannah made her way up the hill, her boots sliding over wet leaves. Wet despite the searing heat. Wrong.

When she reached the top, she saw the building – a small white rectangle, stained with dirt and still standing just through sheer stubbornness. Dozens of old trees, ancient trees, had collapsed around it, some on top of it, but the house still stood. No, Hannah thought, fixing it with a steely gaze, not standing. Lurking.


She trudged toward a window on the side of the house facing her. She was apprehensive, but persistent. She had to see for herself. Had to believe….

The window was filthy. The glass was caked in layers of mud and grime and God-knew what else, but she pressed her head up right against it, squinted into the darkness.


Her heart skipped a beat, her stomach lurched, but she stared on. Watching it as it crawled across the floor, illuminated by what little light the window let in. Watching as it dragged it’s body across a dusty floor, over smashed glass and damaged furniture. Watching as it heaved itself around the inside of the building. The crawling, moaning reason for the place’s notoriety in the underground.

But Hannah hadn’t listened to the stories properly. Because as she gazed with morbid curiosity at the decomposing thing, who’s eyes were as white as pearls, and teeth as sharp and as yellow as a shark’s, something grabbed her ankle.

Nobody had told her that there was more than one of them.


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