Visual Dare 60: Patience

I’ve finally returned to the much-loved Visual Dare challenge, after a period away from blogging due to a short story I’m editing. This week truly excited me, and I ended up writing 277 words! Unfortunately, the challenge requires 150 words or less, and it was torture chopping it down to an exact 150 words. It really fired up my imagination!



“What’s with all the clocks?” the man said. His voice sounded unnecessarily confrontational.

“Don’t you think they’re beautiful?” she asked.

Tick-tick-tock, one of the clocks stuttered approvingly.

“It’s just stuff, like everything else,” the man said with a shrug.

She sniffed.

“I don’t have possessions,” the man continued, “No point.”

“Why, may I ask, is there no point?”

Gotta keep moving,” he said, “Things bog you down. Ornaments, books, People…

“…And clocks?”

He nodded, grinning.

The man pulled a watch from the pile, and dangled it before his eyes.

“You’re gonna have a hard job cartin’ all this stuff around,” he muttered.

“I know,” she replied, “But I’m not leaving any time soon.”

“Why not? You gotta keep moving!”

She motioned to her collection of clocks and watches.

“I’ve got all the time in the world,” she said, beaming.


4 thoughts on “Visual Dare 60: Patience

  1. The lady has some very clever retorts! I like that in a character.
    My writing partner and I had a hard time chopping ours down to 150 words too. We kept wanting to explain more about the relationship between the characters.
    Thanks so much for visiting The Netherworld!

    • It’s been a pleasure! That’s the thing, I packed so much character into it, but the phrase ‘murder your darlings’ springs to mind. Thank you 🙂

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