Visual Dare 90: Clarity

There was no way across.

The rope bridge had fallen away, swallowed up by the thick fog below, and I was scared. Scared, because I was alone. Trapped. Cut off from the rest of the world.

I considered turning back, retracing my steps through the forest, when I saw them up there. Two impossible figures, committing an impossible act.

They were walking across one of the cables that had, until recently, held up the bridge. A pair of silhouettes against the white mist, moving along the thin metal with an alarming lack of care. My stomach lurched as I watched them from the edge of the cliff, expecting them to plunge at any moment.

I just stared at them, two little black shapes dancing along.

And then they were gone.

Had the fog devoured them? Had they fallen? Had they even been there at all?

Once more, I was alone.


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