It’s Me!

Hello. My name is Cory Eadson (radio name: Evermore Evil). I’m a writer, radio-presenter, University graduate, aspiring teacher, aspiring author, aspiring Time Lord, aspiring…(you get the idea). This blog is essentially a place for me to exercise (rather than exorcize) my writing muscle. I’ll be posting real-life things that actually happen to me (because sometimes, things do happen to me), segments of fiction, reviews, essays, and generally anything that occurs that I suddenly feel the need to write about. I am also a colossal fan of the television series Doctor Who, so that will creep in occasionally. But I have another Blog for all of my more extreme cases of ‘Geek-Posting’…That can be found right here:

So, I hope you will join me on this new venture. I hope that through this I will get to talk to other aspiring authors, and hone my skills accordingly.  To be an author, one must first read and write. And to be a writer, one must write all the time.


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