Backwards in Time

I don’t know what it’s like for you, but I have always been one of those people who find themselves on the outside. Quietly yearning to be a part of the group, while at the same time feeling strangely insecure about getting involved. In short, I tend to be the odd one out….


Chasing Dreams: The Power of Radio

  When you’re a fan of something, it’s only natural that you should want to share that love with as many people as possible. You want to infect them with your enthusiasm, hoist them along, and hope that they are as compelled as you by whatever hobby or interest has captured your imagination. Pleasingly, in […]

Reasoning with Robbers

A funny thing happened at work the other day. I single-handedly tackled a shoplifter, who was attempting to make off with half-a-dozen pork joints by stuffing them into a handbag. It might seem peculiar that I’m making such a big deal out of this, particularly as I’ve been working part-time in a supermarket for the […]